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Zaira, Nadira & Lyrica

Top 20 Under 40 Class Of 2021 Winner

Bourne Brilliant LLC is a food & beverage brand based in Leon County, FL created and managed by 3 sisters, Lyrica (14), Zaira (13), and Nadira Leo (10). In 2013, Lyrica (the eldest of the trio) started a bread ministry at the tender age of 6! The family would bake bread, pastries and other goodies to distribute to underserved communities. In order to fund the frequent donating she pitched this business venture as a mobile bakery to her parents. Over the years, the young masterminds continue giving 10% of profits to local families, organizations and individuals in need, they have created their own niche in the fast-rising plant-based nutrition arena, and received a trademark for Bourne Brilliant in 2020. Additionally, 2020 was a huge year of success for the girls' philanthropic work and the business. Not only did they add a host of awards to their portfolio they spearheaded the opening of Florida's latest Black-owned plant-based eatery Bourne Brilliant. The announcement of the eatery was met with enthusiastic world-wide reception as the story of Lyrica, Zaira, and Nadira went viral with approximately 17,000 retweets via Twitter! With the creation of multiple ventures Bourne Brilliant hired six employees and helped to boost their local economy by $40k dollars in 2020. The girls have since launched (along with their family) a line of plant-based tonics (found on retail shelves) and a health & wellness brand of herbal teas, natural remedies, and more. And while Bourne Brilliant LLC is the umbrella brand (created in 2013) this trio of sisters have created three subsidiaries since 2018: BBco (plant-based eatery), Ji Souple (plant-based tonics), Sage & Tonic (a plant nursery & farm).

Though it is evident that Bourne Brilliant LLC is a collaborative effort, each girl has important individual responsibilities to help successfully manage the companies, as well. Lyrica, Zaira, and Nadira have received over 20 awards both individually and as a company, including being recognized by PETA, The Oasis for Women & Girls, Big Bend Minority Chamber of Commerce, Fun4TallyKids KidBiz Fair and a host of others. Bourne Brilliant has landed coverage for their awards, achievements, and more in dozens of print, digital and broadcast outlets around the world, including Vegnews, Black News Channel (BNC), PETA, Black, Tallahassee Democrat, Because of Them, WCTV, Travel Noire, Black Southern Belle, Black and Brown Success, Afiya Magazine, Burstnews, AOL In The Know, etc. They've even authored recipes for publications including (most recently) Tallahassee Magazine. In addition to their extensive product development, bakery and eatery experience; Bourne Brilliant offers business and brand coaching to (mostly) fellow youthpreneurs, been guest speakers for organizations and programs, served as guest judges for pitch competitions, and have hosted cooking classes/workshops in their local community and via the internet. They are huge advocates for community service, charitable giving, and feeding underserved families and individuals.

In addition to managing their duties in the umbrella company and its subsidiaries the young masterminds each have maintained their places on A-B honor rolls since kindergarten. Though it may be hard to imagine, in their spare time the young ladies love playing guitar and keyboard, cosmetology and acting, and gaming (respectively by age). They enjoy traveling, volunteering and helping manage their family's farm and plant nursery, as well.

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