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Jonathan Leysath

Top 20 Under 40 Class Of 2021 Winner

Jonathan Leysath is the Business Development Branch Manager for Self-Help Credit Union at the River City Branch in Jacksonville Florida. His experience in the insurance industry along with being a successful entrepreneur gives him the expertise to help businesses, non-profits, and individuals alike.
His obligations at Self Help are to generate and cultivate meaningful relationships in the community through partnerships and services that align with their mission. Self-Help’s mission is to create and protect ownership and economic opportunity for all, especially people of color, women, rural residents, and low-wealth families and communities.
With a total of over 1 million dollars in revenue under his portfolio of businesses, Jonathan is not only a proven entrepreneur, but he is also an excellent operations strategist. Jonathan has grown his businesses with over 90% of his portfolio's revenue, consisting of residential consumers through targeted marketing and referrals from satisfied clients thus illustrating his ability to provide exceptional service! After spending 15 years in the insurance industry he has now shifted his career to help those in the community by enhancing their financial and business knowledge.
Jonathan is also the Pastor of Life Changing Center International, Inc. in Jacksonville Florida where he imparts the gospel of Christ into the community. He also leads the church in pouring into the homeless community which he considers our downtown neighbors. Jonathan holds a BS in Business Administration with a Finance concentration from Voorhees College and an MS in Management from Southern Wesleyan University. Jonathan is married to Vinzanna and has 2 children, Jonathan II & Kalise.

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