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Alisha Lockley

Top 20 Under 40 Class Of 2021 Winner

Alisha S. Lockley is an author, poet, and short film producer from Jacksonville, Florida. She holds a BA from the University of North Florida in English literature with a minor in African diaspora studies. The release of her first full-length poetry collection, The Book of Hims, was sponsored by the university as an immersive theatrical experience during her senior year.
Alisha’s words have been featured in several museums, literary festivals, art exhibitions, and anthologies. She was the youngest speaker for TEDx’s Brave New World event in 2015, where she lectured on “The Anatomy of Intimacy.” Through her work, she aims to create opportunities for open dialogue on the holistic human experience, healing, and empowerment. She believes that vulnerability is where the true work of ministry, regardless of personal conviction or belief, begins.
In 2013, she spoke at the Women’s Center of Jacksonville’s Surviving to Thriving press conference as a survivor of sexual assault and her words were later published in the United Kingdom’s Daily Mail.
Alisha continues to produce work that she hopes inspires healing. In 2020, she released her short film, The Blue Period: A Visual Chapbook, which explored the journey of overcoming loss through a cathartic collection of poems. In April, she produced a series of thirty micro-poetry films for social media called .30/30 and was a featured poet for the Museum of Contemporary Art’s exhibit Romancing the Mirror in collaboration with the Bold City Contemporary Ensemble.

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