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FBX Top 20 Under 40 Class of 2021

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Top 20 Under 40

The movers, shakers, innovators, bosses, entrepreneurs, activists and king makers will grace the stage at our breakfast of champions. This group of Black and Brilliant individuals have exhibited talent, gifts, leadership, and were all born after 1982. Those featured are agents for change, policy creators, technology developers and people helpers. Some have helped their corporations make millions, and others are on their way to make billions. Those chosen have exemplified the ability to change the world at local, national and global levels.

These rising stars are nominated based on their business success, leadership skills, community involvement and the impact of their service in the city they live, work and pay. This is recognition for the community by the community.

We will be honoring these remarkable persons as well as our elite sponsors during an inspirational breakfast featuring an influential keynote speaker.

  • A Breakfast of Champions

  • Honoring the Young Black &  Brilliant Top 20  Under 40

  • Celebrating Elite Sponsors that Value Urban Contribution

  • Inspirational and Motivational Keynote

  • Your chance to network with the next…..

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