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Rules and Regulations to #MarchMadness

  • The First week of the tournament will be March 14th. Please see below for schedule 

    • March 16th -17th  First Round)

    • March 22nd-23rd (Second Round)

    • March 24th-25th (Third Round)

    • March 28th (Final Four) 

    • March 31st (Championship)

  • All participants will have to send in the reel/highlight video and recipes to the Project Manager via email or upload directly to our website using the two fields in the form 

  • All Participants will be required to engage their social media followers to participate and complete a bracket which will be available for download on March 14, 2022

    • Followers, Friends, and Family will be able to retrieve those brackets on the website. 

  • All Participants will receive instructions and graphics needed to notify and post for their Followers

  • All participants are required to follow the Florida Black Expo Social Media Accounts both on Facebook and Instagram. 

  • Winners of the Chef Tournament will win a featured 30 sec. Commercial!

  • Winners of the brackets will get Two (2) Free VIP Taste Tickets for the FBX 2022 Taste as well as Four (4) VIP Tickets to the Main Event

  • To participate you must complete the participation form located on the website

    • All submissions must be entered by March 12th 12:00 AM

How winners will be determined

  • Winners of the tournament will be determined by the views and likes of each post weekly and will be posted at the end of each tournament week.

    • This tournament is about boosting your presence by doing the things you already do. You want to make your videos fun and engaging. You also want to make sure that you are following the challenge for that week. 

  • Each challenge will be given out the day the next round winners have been announced. 

    • Don’t worry the challenges will not be extremely hard but will require creativity. 

    • Your followers (fans) will be looking for presentations,how engaging your videos are, and how creative you got. (think about those Food influencers and how they built their following and use that to model after) 

    • EXAMPLE OF Challenge: National Marshmallow Day

      • We want to see what you can do with marshmallows whether that is making them from scratch or using them in a delicious Candy yam, etc. 


For more information or questions please feel free to contact Genesis Pollock Via email at or call us at (904) 552-5227. You can also text that number for a faster response. 


Good Luck to Everyone and Lets Have Fun!!!
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